Range Hoods Wholesale

Range Hoods Wholesale

"The Hood" Canadian Dealer Address:
3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5A3H4, Canada

Delivering "The Hood" Products

"The Hood" guarantees excellent customer service at all times. To prove it, our existing customers are returning customers. Frequently, they recommend "The Hood" to their family and friends.

We give our customers a pleasant surprise.
We exceed their expectations.
We listen and respond to their needs.
We believe every customer is a customer for life.
We believe our customers have put their trust in us, and we treasure their trust.

Every day our business delivers numerous Range Hoods by airplanes, ships, trains, and trucks. We ship our products to our branches, partners, subsidiaries, and customers across North America daily.

Timely delivery of our products is essential to our continuing success.
That's why we employ dedicated logistics team for each designated area.
They work closely with our Range Hoods sales and service centre staff to improve;
distribution efficiency, timeliness, and customer service.

"The Hood" delivers products to both retail and wholesale customers.

Retail Best Deals

The most economical way to purchase ONE Range Hood is to buy it directly from our Official Canadian Dealer; DVK International Trading Inc. (Kitchen Cabinets Vancouver) located at:
3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5A3H4, Canada
Showroom Number 209

If you like the products shipped to you, please contact DVK for a quote.

You could phone or fax them at the following:
Cell: 778-251-3032
Tel: 604-559-8116
Fax: 604-559-8117

Wholesale Best Deals

"The Hood" Wholesale Services:
FREE delivery is available to all Wholesale providers.
Please call 778-323-1931 ONLY to discuss Wholesale prices.

Range Hood Delivery

Range Hood Delivery

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